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Our Story

Savoring Traditions, Tasting Legacies: Generations of Food Experience!

Our story is rooted in generations of passion, tradition, and the love for Lebanese cuisine. As a family that has owned and operated restaurants, hotels, and food factories throughout the years, we bring a rich heritage and an unwavering commitment to delivering an authentic and unforgettable Lebanese Culinary Experience.

For decades, our family has been deeply involved in the culinary world, cherishing the recipes passed down from one generation to the next.

With every generation, we have grown and expanded, driven by our passion for quality and a desire to share the tastes of our homeland with a wider audience, we ventured into the realm of food trucks. From delicious dips to our exceptional Mezze Bites, our commitment to quality and craftsmanship shines through in every bite.

Mezze On The Go will offer you a taste of Lebanon that will make you feel good!

Lebanese Mezze

Zook Mikael, Lebanon


A savory pastry factory owned and operated by my grandmother, empowering local Women and their Families.

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Anhar Restaurant

Mayrouba, Lebanon -1980s.

A Picnic / Restaurant owned and operated by my grandfather.

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Order Now!

Our online ordering service makes it easy to get your favorite food truck treats! Look up our weekly schedule on our website to find out where we are, and order online from the appropriate location. Your meal will be ready for you to pick up when you arrive

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